Quantity Limits & Pricing Information

Quantity Limit

ametoycorp.com reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased by an individual, household or within a given order, at our discretion. Additionally, we reserve the right to apply these restrictions to orders placed by the same credit credit card or billed to the same residential or commercial address. Should we choose to enforce these limits on an existing order, the customer(s) will be informed of the decision before processing.


Pricingametoycorp.com will always endeavor to provide accurate and up-to-date product and pricing information, but despite these efforts, typographical and clerical errors may occur. ametoycorp.com can therefore not confirm the price of an item until after the order has been placed. In the event of an error or incorrect product or price listing, ametoycorp.com reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the erroneous item. Should this occur, the customer(s) will be informed of the mistake and the measures taken before the order is processed.

Do you have a store I can visit?

Yes, we have a physical retail store in Vancouver, Canada

Please note that our physical store and our online store are two different entities.

Orders placed at our online store cannot be picked up at our physical retail store and questions regarding the online store cannot be answered by our physical retail store staff.

Pre-Order Policy

 We require that you do not combine pre-orders/back-orders with in-stock items on the same order form. Similarly, do not combine pre-orders with other pre-orders if the arrival dates or series' are not alike. We do this because the pre-orders/back-orders can experience delays making it so that we cannot guarantee that a given in-stock item will remain in-stock during the wait for the pre-order or back-order to arrive.

We will alter your order if you combined pre-orders or back-orders with in-stock items or if you combined pre-orders of different series or waves.

The orders will be separated and the appropirate shipping charges will be applied to each separated order. The order might be canceled entirely and we will ask you to redo your order if there are too many violations. We will remove the pre-order or back-order item(s) from your order and only process the in-stock items.

As well as note that coupons are not valid on pre-order or back-order items, if a coupon is used for a pre-order we will automatically remove the discount on the pre-order.

We require full payment for pre-order when you place the pre-order.

What is a Pre-Order?

It is an item that has not been released yet. We allow you to pre-book this item

What is a Back-Order?

It is an already-released item that has been sold out. Back-ordering allows you to get this item as soon as it has come in.

Cancellation of Pre-Orders

When you place your pre-order, we commit to getting those items in for you from the manufacturer. When an order is cancelled by a customer, we cannot cancel the order from the manufacturer.

There is, for that reason, a 30% re-stocking fee on all cancelled pre-orders placed. We encourage you to pre-order your items in advance to help secure your item when it arrives in stock, but we ask that you be completely sure that you want the item before placing a pre-order.

All release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. The shipping dates listed are based on information received from the manufacturers.

The prices displayed on this website does not necessarily reflect what is listed in our retail stores. Each store operates separately and determines its own pricing. Also, certain products may not be available in the region or store banner of your choosing. If you wish to cancel an order or pre-order placed on-line, please contact us at customer service. Please note there is a 30% re-stocking fee on all cancelled orders that are placed.

Payment Methods

PayPal – All PayPal payments are processed immediately upon submission.  Some mature products cannot be purchased with PayPal and cannot be shipped internationally due to your country regulations.  For any support regarding PayPal’s services, please contact PayPal directly.

Shipping info

Shipping fees are based on a combination of how many items purchased, the weight of the products, dimensions of the package, and destination. Shipping fees includes shipping, packaging materials and labor. With the high price of Oil, it may be expensive depending on your location.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MIS-DIRECTED PACKAGES IF YOU GIVE US THE WRONG ADDRESS. Please take your time when typing your shipping address during the checkout phase.

Tax info

Alberta 5%

British Columbia (BC) 12%

Manitoba 5%

New-Brunswick 15%

Newfoundland and Labrador 15%

Northwest Territories 5%

Nova Scotia 15%

Nunavut 5%

Ontario 13%

Prince Edward Island (PEI) 15%

Québec 14.975%

Saskatchewan 5%

Yukon 5%

Currency info

All International customers will be charged in Canadian dollars. Your bank will convert the amount to your country's currency on your monthly credit card statement. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER.

Delivery method

DHL express: 1-2 business days(varies by country)

UPS Express Saver: 1-2 days (varies by country)

UPS Expedited: 3-4 days (Varies depending on the country)

FedEx International First/Priority/Economy: 1-2 days(Varies depending on the country)

Fedex international Ground:  3 business days (Varies depending on the country)

Fedex Ground shipping: 5 business days( only in Canada)

purolator: 1-4 business days(varies by country)

Canada Post  (Recommended or not): 2-3 weeks(varies by country)